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My latest project. 
Lux (The Virgin Suicides) & Margot (The Royal Tenenbaums) Smoking.
    Embroidery overlay by: Ming.                                                                                     Kindergarden Cutting Skills: also by Ming.      

Rebloging some of my grade A embroidery work, wish I could get to this level of freedom with embroidery again.
i decorated my room with my art.
I was doodlesketching for a project and all I can see when I look at this is Nic Cage…
I guess I just really like doodling ladies looking ready to fuck some shit up

By I.E.
Oops I forgot one. Thomas Jefferson channels his inner Daenerys.
(a condensed version of the background story: my sister and I have, for 2/3 years now, been discussing what would have happened if Thomas Jefferson had made the Louisiana Purchase and filled the purchased land with dragons. The second part of this conversation involves Prince Harry murdering Prince William for the crown in the name of TRADITION, but I won’t go there right now)
I was messing around with Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette today. I think makeup is a lot like drawing, but it’s just awn yo face.